Basic Balm tutorial

Heat proof jug.
essential oil (optional)
1. If you haven't already, strain out your herbal infused oil. For a pure oil that doesn't have any loose herbal parts, use a cheesecloth to strain your oil. 
2. Place oil and beeswax in heat proof jug. A great rule of thumb is for every 1 cup of oil, you use 2 tablespoons of beeswax. 
3. Place jug in pot of hot water to melt the wax ~ it's important to never melt your wax on direct flame. This method is called "double boiler"
4. Once the wax has melted into the oil, take off heat. During this step, you can add your couple of drops of essential oil if you desire - making sure to only add after your jug is taken off the heat. 
5. Pour into heat proof jar. We prefer to slightly heat our jars in the oven before pouring the balm mixture into them. 
6. Set aside to cool, placing dry petals and lid afterwards.