DIY Mica Paints

Mica powder is an extremely versatile natural mineral. One often used in cosmetics, soaps & paints because of its crystalline structure that reflects light creating a beautiful lustre.

Making your own paints is a fairly simple task, and one that is dearly loved within my household. Giving a sense of independence. To create your own paint you'll need a binder, solvent & pigment. Below I will go into a little bit about what each is and how to add them to your pigments to create your own paint.

A binder allows the paint to stay in place once it has dried. While some choose to use walnut oil, the oil in which my little family often uses is Linseed. This is because it comes in a variety of colours & consistencies and makes a strong binder and gives the paint a more glossy finish. When adding linseed oil to your paint, remember that a little goes a long way.

Solvent is what you mix with your pigment to create your paints texture & opacity. When adding a solvent to your pigment you really want to go a little bit at a time to find the amount needed.

A common solvent used in acetone - it is the least toxic & inexpensive of most solvents chosen.

Lastly you will need your pigment. These can be ocher pigments or mica powders.

Some also choose to mix mica powder into already existing paints to give shimmery colour and texture to pieces.

Remember once you have your three ingredients and are ready to experiment to create your own paint, to add your binder & solvent with little drops at a time. Make sure to play around and find the right consistency that you works best for you.