Seasonal Candles

I am always searching for new traditions in seasonal celebrations. We are a family that truly love to celebrate life, the turning wheel, the passing seasons and our beautiful Mother Earth.
While out nature walking with my eldest he came across a moderately large piece of wood. He loved it so much he deeply desired to take it home to use for something. Once we arrive back he thought perhaps we could use it for the Winter Solstice in some way, so we drilled in some tealight size holes and it became our table centerpiece. After the solstice had come and gone he was saddened that our little log was no longer a piece for celebration, and from that moment the idea of creating these seasonal candles was born. 
 Setting out all our seasonal crystals and different coloured botanicals, we began creating our new tealight candles. 
Now my eldests wooden candle holder is always the centerpiece of our table. With each season we change over the candles, but the wooden holder always stays in the same place. Brightening up our room and my sweet sons hearts.
A saucepan
A heat proof jug ~ we use a tin jug for making candles, but measuring jugs can be used instead as long as it's heat proof.
1. Place your soy wax flakes into your jug. A good rule of thumb is it put in 1 and a half of what the object you’ll be pouring the melted wax into holds.
Once you have measured out and poured your soy wax flakes into the jug, set up a double boiler. This is where you fill a saucepan with boiling water on heat and you hold your jug in the water so it heats up the wax. Once the wax has gone clear and there’s no lumps it is ready to pour. (See photos for guidance)
Please note: NEVER heat up your wax directly over a flame or over top.
3. Now you can begin to pour your wax into their tins. Once your jug is taken off the heat it will start to cool and get harder, so it's best to have your tins ready with the wicks inside. If you're using our Tealight tin and wick set, the wicks are already weighted so you don't need to worry about it floating to the top. If your wick doesn't have a weighted end, you will need a way to stop it from moving from it's place.
4.Once your candles have started to change from clear to white but is not completely solid in colour you can begin sprinkling your flower petals over the top, they should stay in place and not sink. If you're using our seasonal crystals I recommend filling the tealight tin 1/3 full, waiting until the wax has harden before placing the crystals in and then gently pouring a small wax again so it doesn't go on the top of your crystals but it coats the bottom to keep them in place.
(this should only take 20-25minutes)
Now that your candles are poured and have had time to harden you can light them up and enjoy the sweet beauty and smell that comes with your crystal and botanical candles. Or even give them to others as a beautiful hand made gift. 
Never leave a candle burning in an unsupervised room.