Mica Powder ~ Ivory
Mica Powder ~ Ivory

Mica Powder ~ Ivory

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Mica is a natural mineral with a crystalline structure that reflect light, allowing it be a addition in soaps & cosmetics. 

Available in two tube sizes, our mica powder is pure & free of dangerous heavy metals & contaminants and is frequently used to create our children’s make up. 

To create a range of beautiful vivid colours mica can be mixed with a combination of iron oxide, titanium dioxide & other natural ingredients. This allows it to be used throughout a range of natural cosmetics. 

This mica powder is eye safe, lip safe & soap stable.

Our mica powders come in plastic recyclable & reusable tubes.

Australian sourced Mica


Mica 56-60%
Titanium Oxide 40-44%
Tin Dioxide 0-1%