Childrens Mental Health Packages

We have currently closed further donations, as we have had such an incredible response to these mental health packages and are now waiting to receive all the donated items. 
We will keep this page open and share within it our journey of these packages, from creating them all the way to them being delivered. 

Thank you so much for helping to donate to our mission to help children who have been deeply impacted by the current Australian bushfires. 

These children have been through such an incredibly traumatic time, and we believe that with your help we can help them navigate some of those emotions they may be dealing with by providing Childrens Mental Health Packages. 
Your donation will go toward purchasing creative outlets for children to express their emotions such as journals, pencils, paint, clay, and so on. 
Worry dolls, to give them an opportunity to talk about those feelings they may not be ready to talk about to others just yet. 
As well as other items that we believe would help them along this journey. 
If you have any suggestions to what you believe should be included within these packages please let us know either through the donation link, or through email -
With your help, and input we can help these little folk find some inner peace after this very difficult time.
We thank you! Sincerely, Abbey, Dave & our two very own wild folk.