Mica Powder ~ Sericite

Mica Powder ~ Sericite

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This Sericite Mica is surface treated with Carnauba Wax and provides a ‘creamier’ base for formulas. The wax content reduces the powdery effect allowing for a smoother, blendable application. It also reduces shine and is perfect to use as a base when creating darker colours and is especially good for pressed powders. Vegan Friendly.

Used for soap and cosmetic making, mica is a natural mineral with a crystalline structure that reflects light. 

This mica is pure and free of dangerous heavy metals and other contaminants. It is eye safe, lip safe & soap stable. 

Our mica powders come in plastic recyclable & reusable tubes.

Australian sourced Mica.

Keep out of reach of children ~ only to be used under adult supervision  

Carnauba wax treated.